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What is lauric acid?

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Lauric acid is the major fatty acid present in vegetable oils such as coconut oil in and palm kernel oil. In nature it is accompanied by other saturated fatty acids as caprylic acid, capric, myristic, palmitic and stearic. These appear in less proportion than unsaturated fatty acids. Formula C12H24O2 responds to saturated monocarboxylic acid and corresponds to a straight chain carboxylic acid with 12 carbon atoms. It is marketed pure (> 95%) or in a fatty acid mixture, which is the major fatty acid (40-45%). It is also called dodecanoic acid.

  • CAS number: 143-07-7 / 67701-05-7 / 90990-15-1
  • EC number: 205-582-1 / 266-929-0 / 292-776-4

Origin and extraction of Lauric Acid

Lauric acid is mostly derived from the hydrolysis of coconut oil or palm kernel oil, and its subsequent distillation (approx. 50% wealth). Fractional distillation can reach 55-60% or even> 95%. Depending on the use to which it will be grant in the future, one kind or another is recommended.

Properties and applications of Lauric Acid

Lauric acid (> 95%) is a white solid product at room temperature. This is an irritating and corrosive product. Its freezing point is approximately 42º or so.
Lauric acid or dodecanoic acid with a purity of about 50% is solid-pasty at room temperature and slightly yellow.

Lauric acid properties

The main applications of lauric acid are as a raw material in the manufacture of cleaning products, soaps, metal soaps, detergents, surfactants, alkyd resins, perfumes and fragrances, organic peroxides, plasticizers, among many others. Its excellent properties ensure the effectiveness of its multiple uses and functions.

The oleochemicals are of great importance in different chains and industries. They are essential to develop product diversity on the market and are an excellent alternative to chemicals since the oleochemicals are more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly ingredient.

Uses of lauric acid

The rise of oleochemicals is showing in recent years due to the recognition of its effectiveness and cost involved.

The manufacture of products using vegetable oils and fats is being established among different sectors and, therefore, in Cailà & Parés we provide the most efficient and optimal ingredients for different industries and businesses. Our commitment and effort is reflected in the quality of each and every one of our products.

Products and presentations of Lauric Acid

CYPAFRAK 1295 (obtained from fractional distillation> 95%)
It can occur at scales in bags of 25 kg or in bulk tankers.

Coconut fatty acids:
CYPACID CC-52 (simple distillation)
CYPACID CC52 H (hydrogenated simple distillation)
CYAPACID CG (fatty acid cut)
CYPACID CGH (hydrogenated fatty acid and cut)
All products can be presented in 180 Kg. drums, in containers of 850 Kg., or in bulk tanks.

Palm kernel fatty acids:
Presentation 180 Kg. drums, in containers of 850 kg., or bulk tanks.
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