Stearic Acid?

What is Stearic Acid?

Acido estearico

Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid present in the vast majority of animal and vegetable oils and fats. In addition, it is found accompanied by other saturated fatty acids and other unsaturated fatty acids. C18H36O2 responds to its formula, which corresponds to the saturated carboxylic acid mono-straight chain with 18 carbon atoms. It is marketed by different purities depending on the origin and the process of extraction always accompanied by palmitic acid.

CAS: 67701-03-5
EC number: 266-928-5

Origin and production of stearic acid

Puede proceder de origen vegetal o de origen animal. Dependiendo del uso que queramos darle usaremos uno u otro.

Vegetable oil is obtained mainly from the hydrolysis of palm oil (or its fractions such as stearin or olein), followed by hydrogenation and subsequent distillation.
This acid of animal origin is obtained from the hydrolysis of animal fat (tallow), followed by its hydrogenation and subsequent distillation. Depending on the degree of hydrogenation (Iodine Index) we can obtain different qualities.

Properties of stearic acid

propiedades del ácido esteárico
Stearic acid is a solid acid at room temperature, generally white with a slight yellowish tinge, practically odorless. Its freezing point ranges from 55 – 65ºC depending on its content and its degree of hydrogenation.

The main applications of this acid are uses as lubricants for plastics, auxiliary products in the textile industry, production of soaps for cosmetics or detergents. It is also applied in the production of waxes, esters, metallic salts, hydrophobic coating agents, candles or rubber for tires.

aplicaciones ácido esteáricoApplications of this stearic acid

It also has applications in the pharmaceutical industry and as a food additive in the production of plastic packaging for various foods.

It is a component of great importance in the oleochemical industry. It is a substance with multiple possibilities, functions and applications that achieves great satisfaction in different markets.

The growth of our industry has been driven by the demand from different sectors. It is a very efficient and cost-effective alternative that is making quite a remarkable gap as we are catapulting ourselves as a very competitive force. The sustainability and versatility of all our products and services is fully guaranteed as well as their functionality and quality to achieve impeccable solutions.

Stearic acid products and presentations

Acid of vegetable origin:
CYPTEC AE-50/50 V (approx. 50% acid)
CYPTEC AE-60/40 V (approx. 40% acidic)
CYPTEC AE-01 V (approx. 65% acid)

Acid of animal origin:
CYPTEC AE-01 (approx. 65% acid and I. Iodine < 1)
CYPTEC AE-03 (60-65% acid and I. Iodine < 3)
CYPTEC AE-08 (55-65% acid and I. Iodine < 8)
All products can be presented in flakes packed in 25 kg. bags, 500kg. bags or 1.000kg. bags, they can also be marketed in tankers or in bulk. If you have any doubt or for further information, please contact us through our web form or by telephone.

FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions about stearic acid

What are the main uses of stearic acid?

The main use of stearic acid is to create soap, although it has different uses in the cosmetics, food, etc.

Where can stearic acid be purchased?

At Cailà&Parés you can buy or acquire this type of acid for your business. You can request information through our online form:

Where does stearic acid come from?

Stearic acid or also known as “stearin” is a fatty acid derived from palm oil and tallow.

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