Cailà y Parés, S.A was established in 1932, and its main line of business was the marketing, representation and distribution of grains and similar products.

Today, after completing the construction of its latest investment -a splitting plant- Cailà y Parés, S.A. boasts a production capacity of approximately 110,000 t by distillation, 110,000 t by hydrolysis and 80,000 t by hydrogenation, making it the leading oleochemical firm on the Spanish market.


  • 1932 Incorporation and start of business.
  • 1947 The company begins its seed crushing operations and starts selling oils in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona.
  • 1970 The firm relocates to the Barcelona Free Zone. It maintains the crushing mill operation and branches out into other business activities: vegetable oil batch refining and fatty acid splitting and distillation (1,500 t/year)..
  • 1977 The crushing mill closes and the plant for the fractional distillationof fatty acids is built (8,000 t/year).
  • 1982 The company begins its hydrogenation operations.
  • 1988 Cailà y Parés embarks on a period of exponential growth,opening a new fatty acid distillation and hydrolysis plant.
  • 1994 New expansion of the hydrogenation plant.
  • 1997 The glycerin plants and another fatty acid distillation plant are built..
  • 1998 The 4.8 Mw cogeneration plant is inaugurated.
  • 2000 New expansion of the hydrogenation plant.
  • 2002 Enlargement of the hydrolysis plant.
  • 2005 Setting up of a high-pressure splitting tower.
  • 2010 Construction of a splitting plant.
  • 2011 Expansion of the cogeneration plant.
  • 2013 Setting up of a new fatty acid distillation plant.