Tallow Fatty Acid

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What are tallow fatty acids?

Tallow fatty acids are a family of fatty acids derived mainly from animal fat, more particularly of bovine origin. These acids are a mixture of saturated fatty acids (as myristic, palmitic and stearic) and unsaturated (such as palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic).
Such acids can be marketed retaining the same fatty acid distribution of tallow, or can be performed prior to distillation partial hydrogenation that increases the stability of the product. Depending on their use and application we will opt for one or the other.
For total hydrogenation prior to distillation, animal stearic acid is obtained.

  • CAS: 61790-37-2 / 67701-06-8 / 67701-03-5
  • EC number: 263-129-3 / 266-930-6 / 266-928-5
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Tallow fatty acids are obtained from the hydrolysis of beef tallow (or animal fat). That fatty acid may be hydrogenated or not, prior to the distillation process. This hydrogenation can be complete until saturation or partial. The final stage is the distillation process.

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Tallow acids are solids at room temperature, with a white light yellowish hue, although the color depends on the type of process that is conducted.

Its freezing point is between 42 ° C (product unhydrogenated), between 45-55 ° C in case of partial hydrogenation and between 57-60 ° C in complete hydrogenation (stearic). Depending on its use we will opt for one or the other.

This is an acid that is applied in various fields and oleochemical industries such as: preparation of soaps, cosmetics, detergents, metal soaps, esters, among many others.

Tallow is a key to the development of multiple ingredient products since it has a real and useful features. The oleochemicals are gaining significant ground to the chemicals because they are more efficient, economical and ecological devoting to different industries as a market of great potential media.

Fatty acids from partially hydrogenated tallow due to the low content poli-saturated- fatty acids are particularly suitable for the polymerization of ABS, SBR and other rubbers. They also are intermediates in the synthesis of softeners.

It is one of the star ingredients in the oleochemical market since it is a very effective acid for the production of various industrial products. The power and relevance of oleochemicals are gaining quite a following because of the quality, efficiency, safety and profitability of this market.

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Unhydrogenated products:
Presentation in 180Kg drums or bulk tank.

Partially hydrogenated products:
Presentation in 180Kg drums or bulk tank.

Fully hydrogenated products:
These products may be in packaged flakes in 25 Kg.,500 kg. or 1.000kg. bags. In addition, it can be marketed in tankers or bulk. For more information please contact us using our online form or by telephone.