Coconut oil

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What Is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is, as all fats and vegetable oils, a triglyceride (ie, a skeleton of glycerol attached to three fatty acids by ester bonds). Coconut oil is characterized by a high proportion of short-chain fatty acid. It has a certain content of lauric acid, the major component, ranging between 42-52%. Other fatty acids present in significant amounts are: caprylic acid (4-9%), capric acid (3-8%), myristic acid (16-21%), palmitic acid (7-12%), stearic acid (2- 5%) and oleic acid (10.6%).

CAS Number: 8001-31-8
EC number: 232-282-8

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This oil is obtained by extracting the pulp and / or seeds of the coconut (Cocos nucifera), mostly in intensive farms in Southeast Asia. Coconut oil can be obtained by drying prior to the pulp (product known as copra) or directly from the whole fruit.

We are dedicated to extract such substances to produce inert ingredients and formulations for different utilities. The benefits of coconut oil can be applied to various areas and functions.

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Coconut oil is a yellowish liquid above 24-27° C (melting range) and a white / yellow solid below that range.

Among its many applications, as the vast majority of fats, it is emphasized by human consumption. It is an important source of energy, due to its high performance in calories metabolized per gram. Its most important use is in the kitchen, especially as fat for frying or grilling.

Other important applications lie in the field of medicine and industry, especially cosmetics, but its derivatives are also widely used as alternative fuel oils (biodiesel), soaps, lubricants, surfactants, advanced detergents, paints, insecticides, soaps, veterinary, emulsifiers, pesticide formulations, among many others.

Thanks to the high degree of saturation of fatty acid chains make it especially resistant to oxidation and, therefore, spoilage is avoided. Likewise, the ease of transport and versatility has become extremely popular worldwide.

Coconut oil is a basic ingredient for oleochemicals of various types to meet the needs and wants of the consumer. The growing interest in natural substances used in industrial compounds, in addition of being highly effective and quality, environmental care arises.

We develop effective solutions that provide strong and effective results. Fats and oils are a natural resource of great value. The natural ingredients provide benefits beyond those of chemical origin and are also less aggressive to the environment. Therefore, the potential of oleochemicals is relevant.

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Coconut Oil: COCOCYP RNT

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