Worldwide clients

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Expansion of Cailà&Parés with customers worldwide

Since 1932, Cailà&Parés began its expansion in clients at a European level, reaching different countries such as Germany, France or Norway.

In the 80’s, our company made the jump to the American continent, reaching countries located in the North of America such as the United States or Canada, as well as reaching the countries of the South, such as Argentina, Brazil or Chile.

At the beginning of the 90’s, Cailà&Parés began to expand throughout the Asian continent, with great opportunities to work with clients such as China or India. After the expansion in Asia, our company also began to work for countries in the African continent, reaching a point of more extensive globalization.

The last step in its expansion, as we see in the image, was our arrival in the oceanic continent, with clients in Australia or New Zealand.