Soy oil

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What is soy-bean oil?

Soy-bean oil, like all fats and vegetable oils, is a triglyceride – glycerine skeleton attached to three fatty acids by ester-links. Soybean oil is characterized by a high proportion of linoleic acid (50-55%) and oleic acid (19-25%). Other fatty acids present in significant amounts are: palmitic acid (7-10%), stearic acid (5-7%) and linolenic acid (6-10%).

CAS number: 8001-22-7
EC number: 232-274-4

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Soybean oil is obtained by extraction of seeds of soy bean (Glycine max), this is a leguminous plant that is native to eastern Asia but now grown worldwide due to the different uses and applications. In some cases, these plantations have jumped to the big media because of widespread deforestation that have been submitted to the Amazon forests.

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Soybean oil is a pale yellow liquid at room temperature. Its melting range is from -5 to -16° C or so.

Among its many applications, as the vast majority of fats, it emphasized by human consumption.

It is an important source of energy, due to its high performance in calories metabolized per gram. Its most important use is in the kitchen, especially as oil for frying or grilling. It has rapidly expanded its use from east to west because of the versatility of the oil and the easy adaptability of the plant.

Other important applications lie in the field of medicine and it is almost all known industries, from cosmetics to animal feed, although its derivatives are also used as alternative fuel oils (biodiesel), soaps, lubricants, surfactants, advanced detergents, paints dyes, insecticides, soaps, veterinary medicine, among many others.

Cailà & Parés offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions in contrast to fuel or chemists media for different markets and industries. We handle manufacturing, supplying and distribution of all kinds of oleochemical materials to meet the different needs of national and international market.

Oleochemicals are an excellent alternative quite admired and valued by different fields because these are products that offer more economic and ecological solutions in the market, a fact that is generating value growth of our market. We provide quality solutions taking into account the requirements of industry and therefore the oleochemical industry is booming.

Soybean oil is one of the best valued substances in the market because of the different uses and applications it has. The relevance of our products in different markets is evident, therefore, on the excellent results achieved in various industrial fields.

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Soybean oil is presented in 180 Kg drums , 850 kg containers or bulk tanks. For more information please contact us using our online form or by telephone.