Soybean fatty acids

acidos grasos soja

What are soy fatty acids?

Definition: Soybean fatty acids are an oil plant quite abundant in polyunsaturated fatty acids. In North and Central America there is a rising production, however, it would be worldwide cultivated soon due to the great potential it has. It is characterized by a high proportion of linoleic acid and to a lesser extent oleic acid.

CAS: 68308-53-2
Other nomenclature: SOFA

Where is soy fatty acid found?

These fatty acids are obtained by splitting and subsequent vacuum distillation of soybean oil. This product has a melting point about 25° C. The solid oil is usually yellowish liquid and a light color according to the temperature.

Properties and applications of Soybean fatty acids

Soybean fatty acids have multiple applications in the oleochemical industry, including: amines, botainas, esters, fatty alcohols, lubricants, surface finishes, detergents, cosmetics, soaps and solids–líquidos, textile finishing, finishing fibers, coatings, resins , surfactants, paints, among others.

The many applications of soybean acids reflects the excellent properties possessed in various industries ensuring its efficiency and clean performance. The oleochemicals are an excellent alternative substances. Our products meet the needs of demand due to the excellent properties they own and, therefore, are being established as a cost-effective alternative in the market.

Soybean fatty acids: Products and presentation

Soybean fatty acid: CYPACID S-35

Soybean fatty acid / Sunflower: CYPACID SG-30

There may be 180 kg. drums, in containers of 850kg. Grane or tanks, depending on the use and needs of each industry. For more information please contact us by telephone or via the online form.

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