Caprylic or capric acid

What is caprylic acid or capric acid?

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Caprylic and capric acids are fatty short saturated chain acids present in vegetable oils such as coconut oil or palm kernel oil. In nature they can be found along with other saturated fatty acids as in the case of lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid and stearic, and in minor proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. They respond to the formula C8H16O2 (Caprylic a.) and C10H20O2 (Capric a.) corresponding to the mono carboxylic acids with saturated straight-chain with 8 to 10 carbon atoms respectively. It is sold as a mixture of two fatty acids.
These acids are a tool of great caliber to develop all kinds of industrial products. Thanks to the properties of these acids, Caprylic and capric, different markets
can create different types of items for different use.

  • CAS: 68937-75-7
  • EC number: 273-086-2
  • Capric Acid origin:
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Caprylic-capric acids‘ triglycerides are mainly obtained from the hydrolysis of coconut oil or palm kernel and its subsequent fractional distillation. Through this process we obtain the acids. Depending on the use and content required different formulas are available for delivery (drums, containers or tanks of different sizes) for greater customer satisfaction.

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The mixture of caprylic-capric acid is a room temperature liquid, slightly yellowish. This is an irritating and corrosive product. Its freezing point is between 5 – 7 ° C.

The main applications of caprylic-capric acid is as a feedstock in the manufacture of alkyd resins for coatings, surfactants, perfumes and fragrances, metal soaps, lubricants, biocides and plasticizers, among others. Caprylic and capric acids are a very useful tool. Moreover, compared with the chemical ingredients you can envision a pretty obvious economic contrast in favor of oleochemicals.

Oleochemicals constitute an innovation in different industries. They are becoming quite profitable for different markets as opposed to alternative chemicals. The oleochemicals are naturally occurring substances that achieve the same or better results than chemical and are also environmentally friendly allowing a reduction of pollution and danger to the consumer.

Today, applications of various naturally occurring acids are evident in different products and finishes. Excellent results implying a safe, effective and comfortable success are achieved.

The quality of our products is of great excellence and, therefore, our customers are highly satisfied with the results.

We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions to allow various industries make products of all kinds using acids and substances of great potential. In Cailà & Parés quality, efficiency and work define us.

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You can find our products in drums of 180 Kg., containers of 850 Kg. or in bulk tanks. For more information please contact us using our online form or by telephone.